Idea & Beginning

with the background of the Jakarta Arts Institute
I went to so many foreign cultural centers in Jakarta, a city that dwell in almost all my life

in the 1990s I began to offer foreign artists who I met in so many foreign cultural centers in Jakarta, to see the city of Jakarta
Tour with
Manuel Luetgenhorst (Germany)
We then create a theatrical performance 'Pilihan Pendengar - Wunschkonzert' by Xavier Kroetz, in a house of a German in Kemang
in 1994 I started offering it to a French photographer, Herve Dangla,
in 1995 when Herve Dangla exhibition
"Belantara Jakarta" (Wilds of Jakarta) photography exhibition & book
I met Leonard Helmrich, a Dutch filmmaker
We get around the city and plans to make movies
in 1998
Tour with Tina Schott, Tim Hoppe & Friends (Germany)
in 2001 released "Eye of the Day", and 2005 'Shape of the Moon' and 2010 'Position among the Star'