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BALI BIASA (Ordinary Bali)

You can choose from three of our special tours into the heart of ordinary villages in Bali and see a side of Bali that is rarely shown to foreigners. Near the thriving tourist centre of Ubud, two outlying villages are home to ordinary Balinese (and some extraordinary ones) and also rare artworks few foreigners (or Indonesians) ever see. You will meet families and highly achieved artists and artworks and learn about the daily lives of ordinary Balinese away from the noise and hard sell of the tourist centres.

  • Tour 1 (half day) is to Banjar Goa Gadjah, UBUD
  • Tour 2 (half day) is to Banjar Jati Taro, TEGALLALANG
  • Tour 3 (full day) is to Banjar Goa Gadjah and Banjar Jati Taro

All tours also pay a visit to Puri Lukisan in Ubud, which is the centre of historic Balinese art. The museum was founded by Ubud's royal family and contains an important work that features in the story of Banjar Jati Taro.


Our prices include pick up/drop off from your hotel anywhere in Bali, your guide's travel time and expenses, donations to the village and families visited, food and drink and administration costs. Administration costs include staff time taking books and arranging tours and promotion costs. Any surplus is used for Interkultur Foundation's other projects. If you would like to know more about Interkultur Foundation, please email us or ask your guide. We can also provide advice about ways of helping the people you visit should you wish to do so.
(Minimum 4 people, Maximum 10 people).

Price: (negotiable)

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