Orangkota Kampung C i l i w u n g River Tour

This is
Jakarta city



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(By Bajaj and/or Train to)
The Biggest GEM MARKET in South East Asia and/or to Flea Market
 . .  and   there are so many areas of Jakarta that need to be known by foreigners.
A few
areas are inhabited by a majority,  as this

Ciliwung River  





from outside it looks like a junggle,
inside it is a unique infrastructure and
real Indonesia culture

let's come to see a part of the city

among  Kampung Ciliwung River Village Tour



CILIWUNG is the name of the main river that flows through Jakarta and is the name of the area you will visit. It is subject to frequent flooding and the housing is makeshift but the inhabitants are resourcefull and enterprising, making the most of what they have.

You will probably visit A FAMILY.

The residents all
neighbourhood house where residents need study club classes for their kids, nutritious food, work in environmental programs and a clinic.

You will be able to know how people live, children are cheerful, the majority of education, health, high low mortality rates, as well as purchasing power, whatever the job and what the residents make for their living

You'll be able to visit residents in their homes and hear their stories. And observe the river, which serves as washing machine, bath and toilet.

Kampung Ciliwung River
community house


participant from US (Jauch)


Tour Wataru and Hideki

Matthew & Sarah



"Ciliwung River Tour.

Charlene and I enjoyed Ronny’s tour of the Ciliwung River area a great deal. Our career paths being in Environmental Science, and Child Education we both found this tour to be enlightening, heartfelt, and an adventure that shouldn’t be missed.

Our tour started with a trip on local transportation to the Ciliwung River area. Using the local transportation was a great start to the days tour. Ronny took the time to explain, and provide a local, realistic experience. While en route to our destination Ronny was kind enough to make us feel welcome. He took care of all of our needs and fares while at the same time explaining what we were experiencing.

Once at our destination Ronny used his friendships and contacts to provide almost unlimited access to the local neighbourhoods. We met a lot of great people. It was very enlightening to see a side of Jakarta that I feel is very important, but often missed by the average tourist. These people welcomed us into their homes and provided a very enlightening view of their daily experiences. Ronny was happy to answer any questions and serve as an interpreter for the questions we had for the men, women, and children who lived there. I found the children of Jakarta to be almost always happy. We were greeted around every corner by the inquisitive, excited eyes of children.

As our tour continued Ronny explained many of the local issues. Flooding, poverty, child education, healthcare, and waste management to name a few. He took the approach of not highlighting the issues, rather explaining the circumstances and how the people in this neighbourhood cope with these issues. I feel Ronny and his tours reflect an honest caring for the community. He seems to have a genuine hope for the himself and the people there. This can be seen through the close relationships he has with community. From the leaders to the children, he introduced us with pride and care. From healthcare to education he described what happens on a daily basis. I found it very heart warming to have seen what has been achieved in the past, and what the people of this community would like to see achieved in the future.

If you are in Jakarta, interested in the local community, and want a chance to see the genuine local experience please take this, or any of Ronny’s tours. I believe that through simple awareness the people of these communities will see improvement to their daily lives, open up more opportunities for the future. You will see smiles and feel welcome from all. The children are a wonderful experience. To see how they live their lives on a daily basis while maintaining a smile and childlike innocence is awe inspiring. I wish the best of luck for Ronny and his small group of dedicated people in the future. I myself will stay in contact with Ronny and his group. I look forward to hearing about your experience, and seeing you on your visit to these wonderful communities. "

Mike & Charlene