Tour 1: Goa Gajah

The village (Banjar) Goa Gadjah (Elephant Cave) is close to the tourist centre of UBUD, but is ignored by tourists. You will be taken into the heart of the village and into a family compound to meet these ordinary Balinese going about their ordinary lives. You will be able to chat with them about how they live their lives, raise their kids and about the changes to Bali over the years since it became a world-renowned tourist destination.

You will also be introduced to an extraordinary artwork: the 400-year-old Smar Pegulingan (Love Goddess Gamelan) and Tari Legong Kraton (Legong Palace Dance). This instrument and dances is well travelled, having appeared at music and dance international festival venues in Japan, the Netherlands, Germany, France. It is the subject of many learned articles. Nowadays it is too old to get on a plane and its guardians do not show it to average tourists. Your guide's long relationship with the gamelan's guardians gives you exclusive access.

You will also visit Puri Lukisan, Ubud's first art museum and home to a celebrated collection of Balinese modern art. Your guide will explain the history of the museum and its connection to Goa Gadjah.


Our prices include pick up/drop off from your hotel anywhere in Bali, your guide's travel time and expenses, donations to the village and families visited, food and drink and administration costs. Administration costs include staff time taking books and arranging tours and promotion costs. Any surplus is used for Interkultur Foundation's other projects. If you would like to know more about Interkultur Foundation, please email us or ask your guide. We can also provide advice about ways of helping the people you visit should you wish to do so.