2010 May - June


2010 JUNE
3 days tour with 5 participants from:
Germany (3), US (1), UK (1)



Alexis and Emigo at TIM
Emigo make a documentary video of HIV


our office
become very luxurius
for the poor people
while we rent
USD 700 / year
we can borrow the car for free
from a volunteer

secondhand clothes etc
we got from the participants

agfa, mar, didi
we need
young activists

Sopian and Fahmy
deliver newspaper USD 2 for a half day
means 5 hours


Phillip, Gerrit, Merko
June, 19

Gerrit (far right)


The kids and Anneke
at our "Dahlia" informal school project


part of the office

Agfa, communication and IT


Inilah kantor kami
this is our office

visit our office
wants to help in a special project for poor urban development

we need volunteers


TOM Tour
June, 18
Tour can be start at the old city of Jakarta

(from USA)

at the mikrolet, local transport

Rizky :
" please ask to that Mister : do we meet again ? . . "


Tour Robert (UK)
1st June

on the way to Mediteranean Hotel - Apartments complex

pick up from the traditional market,
take a risk, struggle of life


(from UK, England)

Nur, Ratna, Robert, Anneke


2010 MAY:
4 days tour with 15 participants from:
US (10), Aus (2), Belgium ( 2), Spain (1)
2 Media covered from:
TVOne on-air broadcast, and


polemic and debate
at the media about this tour



one of the biggest Indonesia TV station
interviewed me direct broadcast
at Monas (National Monument)

Antoine & Aurora
18 May

TVONE interviewed participant
from Belgium

in the front of the famous
Cafe Batavia


Tour Jasmine & US Univ:
May, 15

Ciliwung riverbanks

Dahlia informal School


Mak'intik, Mistidjah, Wilus
the old ladies

Mak Wasih and Wilus
they has a lovely stories


behind the scene


Tour Marco
8th May
(2 batal: Rick & Kevin)
(2 participants canceled their participation)

Martha & Anneke

Cindy, Marco, Martha

Anneke, Marco

Cindy, Marco
where are you from, mister . . ?

Pak Sabir
old traditional harbour worker
smile after hard work

entertainment at the slum area

Tour with
from Belgium


it is a specific tour,
personal, and
original, unique & authentic

(participants' testimonies)

Tour AYAD (2) Australia:
4th May


Meeting with DD and PeiPei

Anneke, DD (from Australia), PeiPei

we can start the tour from participants residence and/or hotel like
The Ascott