2010 July - August


5 days tour with 26 participants from:
Australia (21), US (4), Netherland (1)
2 days research with 2 participants from UK



Research Tour:
Robert & Emma
24th August
1st Day: to the Locations

Ciliwung riverbanks


Bantar Gebang
dump area


Train Line
the cheapest market and apartment

street salon

2nd Day: Interview
25th August


The Family tour:
Josh, Stacey, Jackson
19th August


Office hour:
administration, internet, and meeting:
Agfa, Anneke, Thomas

and how much money do we collect ?


map of Jakarta

jalan yang panjang

sepatu Ojek driver and sepatu kaki kananku


Tour Nick
started from Intercontinental Hotel
August 9, 2010

to the North, the old city

to the East

and Dahlia school

see you later, next time


Tour 6 of Australians of Anne

Aston Rasuna hotel/apartment
Els & Anneke waiting & introducing


Local transport scene:
busway, mikrolet



the Village with the kids

back to Aston with 3 kids
Amat, Aldian, and Gunawan

tour of the 3 kids


Tour Roy
at Ciliwung riverbanks


Wed, 4th August 2010
started at Bakmi 3 Resto

the driver


enter the Istiqlal Mosque

Istiqlal Mosque

Galur - Senen


after the tour
meeting and eating with
Hendra, Iing, and those family:


2010 J U L Y
7 days tour with 16 participants from:
US (3+2+4=9), Sweden (3+1+4), Australia (2), France (1)
1 Media - TVOne Indonesiana (5),
1 day volunteer with 2 participants from:
Belgium (1) & (1) Australia
for Mobile School programme


Anneke & Ophelie


Help us on the way to Mobile School programme


Indonesiana programme

interviewed at our office


Michael, ( 4 US) Tour:
Saturday, 24th July
from Century Hotel to Ciliwung riverbanks and Galur

(photo in progress)


Bob Jauch & Chris

1st Day: Luar Batang Village

Luar Batang

2nd Day: Ciliwung river Village

Kampung Pulo

Bob & Chris Tour


3rd Day: Galur - Senen

Mikrolet, local transport

street kids singer
on the bus

Hello mister . . .

Rail road people

Ayom Dahlia School

see you till we meet again mister


Tour Michael US Univ


Sidney, Felipe, and Max
July 23, 2010


Tour Anne & Emma
July 22, 2010


(Monumen Nasional - National Monument)

Fadil, Gunawan, Kak Tasha, Tina, Bu Guru, Yanti, Wulan, Angel

Mega, Natasha


Tour Magnus



Tour Laurel, Julia, and Paul
July 3, 2010

while waiting at Bunderan HI (Hotel Indonesia Circle) bus stop, Pak Akhmad a vendor of informal sector merchant of bycicle smallshop parking his openair bycicle shop

at the position of some VVIP from foreign countries sometimes make a visit to see the poor Jakarta

(left) Rizky & Paul (right)

Paul chatting with the kids
" . . football mister, where are you from?"

on the Ciliwung river,

sure we still have a beautifull model
where ever the location is, and then
we can think it again: what can we do after the tour

with Sandyawan at the
Sanggar Ciliwung Merdeka
freedom openhouse for the marginalised people

one of the Ciliwung Merdeka openhouse activities, make a baggage from plastic trash



The other Location


The tour

This tour has now invited the debate, as a discussion about what the benefits of this tour. .

The first, of course, will depend on the experience of the participants, for a general tour of the classic is very much different with this tour,
even when you arrive at a same location


The location

Some locations can not be visited by others even when this tour from morning till evening,
because although only three of 10 locations visited, has changed its view of visitors on the Jakarta and even the Republic of Indonesia

Jakarta, while the climate is very hot and humid, as well as pollution due to many motorcycles and cars, not to mention the traffic jams are always hamper travel

riding public transport, the first may be of interest for foreigners because the first time, but heavy air traffic congestion require patience of the participants, and adjusting yourself to as many city dwellers,
which generally increased Mikrolet, metrominis, Buses, Bajaj. .



The Location

during my research i found about 12 locations


Lokasi 1
Kota Luar Batang


Lokasi 2

Galur - Senen


Lokasi 3

C i l i w u n g


The Railway/trainline people

Lokasi 4
Tanah Abang

Lokasi 5
Papango - Warakas


Lokasi 6
Teluk Gong

Lokasi 7

Lokasi 8

Lokasi 9

Lokasi 10


Lokasi 11


Lokasi 12
Bantar Gebang



The kids

children's conditions are different at each location, there are children who attend school, there are children who attend school only a modest course, and many children who do not attend school at all

There are families who only have a small house, some rent, and there is no home so his family must live in slum shacks