2011 April - June



this is a very special tour of the capital of the
Queen of the East


kampung village
jakarta indonesia
travel tour


in the morning
transporting goods and people



Julian & Selly


by local transport

to the

to those who are poor and marginalized, to those who are neglected, very poor, ignored by both the government and by most people

These tours bring together people with people who do not distinguish the status, because we are brothers and we are fellow human beings.

Julian & Selly help and entertain the children, to those children who are poor and marginalized, to those who are neglected, very poor, ignored by both the government and by most people

These poor children usually carry an umbrella when it rains, and rent them out to people with the price of one dollar, do not expect to be able to enter the mall with bare feet, and also want to buy anything with money is only one dollar? but the tour we will bring and entertain children of poor, although the owner of mall and especialy security will looked with no friendly face

novi, solasi, julian, raka, selly, anneke, juli, ahmad, and yanti

Selly & Julian and children that we intend to help



Sarah & Matthew Hamilton

Sarah & Matthew Hamilton

Between 8-9 morning we arrive and pick them both in the lobby of the Hotel Mercure at Jalan Hayam Wuruk - Kota, also the next day. Our plan is in 3 days we will visit three locations mentioned in the tour website: Luar Batang Kota Old City - then the next day to Kota Ciliwung riverbanks , and then the 3rd day to village. We will visit the settlements of ordinary people, then we're going to the market people, and finally to the poor.

Those Who Are neglected, impoverished, ignored.
After the tour we will discuss how to help those we have visited.
Happy to meet you and hope you can help us promote this tour,
how how we can help those who are poor.

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Ronny Poluan and Tour Jakarta Indonesia



The Next Day

to the Poor

The Last Day
to see
art exhibition


Monday 20110613

David Hahm, Mary

we got this kid getting sick, boils and itching, we took her to the clinic


Sunday 20110612

meeting point
Jalan Thamrin-Sudirman

Neil, Brad, Cath, Michael, Jenny, Holy, Anneke


Thursday 20110609

meeting point
sate restaurant at
Menteng area

Australia Youth Ambassador Development

Amandine Bailet & Annaleis Martin


Wednesday 20110603

with SCTV crew
Amanda and Frits


Thursday 20110602

Rudy Tuahunse
with Scott, Sari, and Miguel

Ronny, Miguel, Rudy


Tour 20110526

Lorrie & Marissa
meeting point: Rasuna Apartement Tower 1


Tour 20110520
Sarah & Brendan

Hi There,
We're arriving in Jakarta for three days tomorrow and a recent traveller recommeneded your tour.
We'd ideally like to do it this Friday if possible. How much are your tours and what does it cover?
Sorry of the lateness of the inquiry but we only just heard about your tours :)

Many Thanks

Sarah & Brendan
meeting point: Crowne Pacific Hotel


Tour 20110518

Gemma Rogerson & Wendy Cowell

meeting point: Mercure Hotel Ancol


Tour 20110513

Ronny Poluan & Magnus Gertten
meeting point: Akmani Hotel



Marry, Madeline, Tim, Nick

meeting point: Menteng Executive Residence


Tour 20110506

Bo & Bron Raphael

+ Arnaud (Geneve Tribun)
+ Bayu (Areamagazine)
meeting point: Starbucks Plaza Indonesia


Tour 20110504
meeting point: F1 Hotel Menteng


Tour 20110423
Gateway College

Andrea Ulrichsen, Anette Harneshaug, Anna Vestersjo,

Fredric Johansen,
Helena Kittelsen Sordal,
Ida Helegerud,

Lene Strandvik, Linda Gausel Nygaardms,
Maren Taksdal, Maren Tofte Roisland, Margrethe Aas Stenby, Mari Loevstad,
Maria Christine Johannessen, Marthe Sorhus,

Vibeke Neraker Solem, Vilde Pedersen Habberstad,

I Wayan Sudarta, I made Suwarta,

Ivar Schou, Rune Fjeld Braathen,


Tour 20110421
Honda R&D Group
meeting point: Starbucks Plaza Indonesia

Peserta :




7am pick up at the Soekarno-Hatta Jakarta Airport
we pick up Sabrina and Terry at the airport on the first flight from Sidney-Perth-Jakarta

Sabrina Kohler