2009 January - June

Tour Peter, Wendy, Mathew, Stuart
Jumat - Friday, 27 June 2009
Kota - Luar Batang

Wendy and Titin

Wendy met again with Turisah

Wendy introduces
Stuart, Mathew, and Peter


Interculture Soccer Team

f r i e n d s h i p

Antar Keluarga

Nama Keluarga
Family names


Rukun Tetangga

Local Transport

Back Home

I do believe
we will become
to assist each other
family by family


The Jakarta Globe newspaper

bolehjadi saya tak sepakat dengan pendapat anda,
hak anda untuk berpendapat
akan saya bela samapai mati
I may not agree with your opinion,
but your right to think
I will keep till death

Tour Chris Leaver & Christine
Senin / Monday, 22 June 2009
Kota - Luar Batang
Reader's Digest

modern Jakarta, but we start the tour with driving of local transport

after the mill in the busway, we arrived at the Luar Batang,
part of the northern city of Jakarta

". . . the people who sat with us on chairs. . we talked with children - shared names and hold one baby -- this was very personal and powerful !!"

covering the tour

Christin & Yanti
[reader's digest journalist)

Sabtu, 20 Juni 2009


Melinda, Holly Tour:
Jumat / Friday, 19 June 2009
Jakarta - Luar Batang
The Jakarta Globe

in front of Erni's house
The Jakarta Globe covering the tour

what ever the status
we are a family



Aubrey AFP and Anneke


12th June, 2009
Andrew, Hugo, Rowen Tour:
Kota - Luar Batang
Aprilia, Pongky, Marwan

TV1-One media friends:
Aprilia, Marwan

Anneke, Rowen, Hugo, Andrew


Names of children

Hugo and Ratna write the name of children has become friend

get the clothes from the Andrew family

Jenny Richardson, Michael, Holly, Neil Tour:
7th June, 2009

Neil, Holly, Jenny


mendapat boneka dari Holly

Michael has been collecting funds in the school and family
and donate to poor children, and
then submit the remaining money to Pak Indarjo
for the children library push-cart


Saturday, 6th June 2009
Tour Frances, Arsineh, Morgan, and Kevin:

Morgan, Arsineh, Umi, Sum, Frances, Eduar, Kevin

Alexandra Stuart

Kota - Luar Batang

Alex mengikuti Tour tahun lalu, dan kembali dengan membawa komik untuk anak-anak, kami merencanakan membuat pustaka anak-anak

Alex join our Tour last year in Luar Batang, and
brought back comics for children,
we plan to create a library for children


29th May, 2009
Morgan and Troy

Morgan & Troy:
Ciliwung - Kampung


Jeremy, Aubrey, Gavin, Martin, Gemma, Larry, Romeo
22th May 2009
Aubrey, Romeo

Jeremy, Aubrey, Larry

Gavin, Gemma, Rumidjah

Gemma with the women at tofu and tempe factories

Gavin, Larry, Jeremy, Aubrey, Gemma, Martin

Larry, Martin, Romeo


Lani, Wendy, Tania, Joe :
Kota - Luar Batang Tour
13th May 2009

We discussed and I am sure that
Lani, Wendy, Joe, Tanya
will come back with their families
and we will meet again
with a meeting
between families


12th May 2009

Jessica Mackenzie,
Tumbur Sidabutar, Gerard Cheong, Adinda Nurhidayati,
Anissa Febrina

This tour is a meeting
and I think that we
will make the other meeting


The Jakarta Post

bolehjadi saya tak sepakat dengan pendapat anda,
hak anda untuk berpendapat
akan saya bela samapai mati
I may not agree with your opinion,
but your right to think
I will keep till death

Anthony & Bharath : Kota Tour
3th May

Bharath & Anthony: Kota - Luar Batang
Sunday, 3th May

unfortunately I do not have another photo of Anthony and Bharath
but each tour has eventless each
including spontaneous meeting with 2 women from the Netherlands

Interview by The Jakarta Post
15th April

VIDA : Kota - Luar Batang Tour
7th April

Joan, Bobby
Alaster, Elizabeth

Hall, Joan, Elizabeth, Alaster

boleh jadi kita akan membuat sebuah


Jakarta adalah sebuah kota metropolitan yang sangat modern,
gedung bertingkat dan apartemen, mall

Jakarta is a metropolitan city that is very modern,
storeyed buildings and apartments, shopping mall

namun tur ini adalah tur yang akan pergi dibalik gedung dan keramaian modernisasi, sebuah
tur yang akan mengunjungi kebanyakan orang Jakarta yang hidup dalam situasi dan kondisi yang memprihatinkan, dan tur ini akan bertemu keluarga-keluarga yang hidup dengan sangat berani, kuat, dan kreatip dalam kondisi yang sangat terbatas

but this tour is a tour that will go behind the building and modernization crowd,
tour that will visit Jakarta most people who live in situations and conditions that disadvantage concern, and this tour will meet families who live in a very brave, strong, and creative in a very limited possibilities and opportunity


traditional bamboo bridge

daily life


the Family

I can only make a few photos
of the
17 young participants
which is very interesting that
telling stories with each other

modern Jakarta


early Batavia

(Old Jakarta)

my initiative is
to make a unique and specific tour of Jakarta
the city where I lived
for more than 45 years

this tour
is suit to meet the ordinary people,
by local transport,
behind the
buildings and mall

not only the tour,
what we experience and what we will do
after the tour


2 0 0 8

Tour Killian: Kota
November, 2008

drawbridge Kota Intan

inside local transport "mikrolet"

at TIM - IKJ
(Institut Kesenian Jakarta - Jakarta Art Institute
with Firman Lie,
art graphic printing class)

then we walked across Jalan Cikini Raya and Jalan Cut Mutiah, Boplo, Jalan Cemara, at Jalan Gereja Theresia we met street people, who work everyday earn USD 1 to USD 2 each day

chat and asked to each other

play chess


a little ashamed but humour

and ...


at Cawang bus-stop, we saw a man, begger and stinky . .
lay sprawled on the ground . .

touched Killian
then we brought to the Budi Asih

Tour Kota - Luar Batang

Old building and the people surround, Kota (The City)

fountain in the wall of the old building

Nov 8, 2008. E-mail from jean-guy
*) see: Jean-guy Tour 15 October 2008: Kota. Jean-guy Tour 16 October 2008: Kampung Pulo and Galur.

Dear Ron and Parlin,
I am just come back home from Indonesia and I am very very happy .My journey was fantastic. Something inbelievable. Thanks a lot for your all you gave me in Jakarta. (the visit the exposition and discussion).
At Yogyakarta, near the Bird Market I met in Water Castel Cafe a fotographer Kompi Setyoko, who presented me the young artist Sasongko (painter and fashion). With him I visited Borobodur and Prambanam and landscape around during two days. It was fantastic. We shared about diffirent things.
Bromo and Ijen was great .
After that I visited Bali, rice field and some beaches and i passed one week in Lombok in Gilis Islands. So nice, quite and wonderful.
People are always open minded, easely going...It was one of my best trip.
I have had no problem in anyway...
All time , people are smiling and whant to speak with you. And I was surprised by the muslims. In Canada is difficult to share with them but not in your contry and particulary with the women.
Thanks also for placing two pics of me in your site. I'll prepare my fotos and send you. You 'll take all you wants for your site and for people. I just need a time to put all on my computer. I can make also a copy on a CD and post you by mail.
Along the trip I spoke about you at differents peoples. Indonesia is far away but I'll try to make best know it in my contry.
Best regards,

A jamu (herbal medicine) women

library for kids at the house community

VIDA Tour: Kota

VIDA Tour: Kota. Old Batavia "Menara Syahbandar" (WatchTower)
Sarah, Bridget with Pak Maskun and Ibu Nining

VIDA Tour: Jakarta Historical Museum

Initiative Cisarua Tour

beautifull panorama

fresh air


Sabtu / Saturday - Minggu / Sunday,
18 - 19 October 2008:
Research: Cisarua Initiative Tour

Jean-guy Tour (second day) :
Thursday, 16 October 2008

A traditional market

Jean-guy Tour: Kota
Rabu / Wednesday, 15 October 2008:

4 kids watch you


From Hotel Ibis walk to the Busway ---> Kota: Museum --->
By bicycle to the WatchTower next to Sunda Kelapa traditional harbour.
Then to Pak Maskun family.

* Back to the hotel, by busway transport, chats, took a nap until afternoon
then --->
* Dolorosa exhibition

Anneke at Dolorosa exhibition

AYAD Tour: Jakarta Historical Museum
---> Wayang Puppet Museum
---> WatchTower Museum
---> Pak Maskun family.

Jumat / Friday, 10 October 2008:
AYAD Tour: Jakarta Historical Museum

At the Train to Kota Station


Kalimalang street

Rumidjah and Bakti:
" The Eye of the Day ", poster

Senin / Monday, 25 August 2008:

Tour Juliette,
to the people of the poor

Juliette and Bakti

Juliette at Kampung

Minggu / Sunday, 24th July 2008:
Juliette Tour:
Ibu Suminah.
Jgr Station , by train --->

Sabtu, 23 Agustus 2008 11:30 WIB

Pernahkah anda menyaksikan bagaimana warga miskin kota di metropolitan Jakarta melihat diri mereka sendiri dan kampungnya?. Oasis kali ini mengajak anda untuk menyaksikan "sisi lain" dari wajah Jakarta, yaitu sebuah wajah yang tenggelam dan tersuruk ke belakang oleh modernitas dan globalisasi yang membuat perkembangan wajah Jakarta, ibukota Indonesia, mirip kota-kota besar lainnya di Barat."Wajah Jakarta yang tersembunyi" ini terlihat dari potret kampung kumuh dan berpenghuni padat, yang terletak di wilayah Galur, Kramat, dan Kampung Rawa, ketiganya terletak di Jakarta Pusat. Bagaimanakah warga miskin kota bertahan hidup di kawasan ini?. Bagaimana mereka mengatasi masalahnya?. Bakti, warga Galur, dan Ronny, warga Jakarta lainnya yang berlatar belakang seorang fotografer, menyajikan "Wajah Jakarta yang Tersembunyi" itu dengan membuat semacam "tur" buat siapa saja yang ingin menyaksikan kehidupan kampung kumuh dan berpenghuni padat itu dari dekat. Jarang orang yang tahu, bahwa diperkirakan 65 persen warga Jakarta tinggal di kawasan semacam itu dan kehadiran mereka seolah "terhalang" dari pandangan mata seiring menjamurnya gedung-gedung tinggi dan modern di Jakarta.

Rabu / Wednesday:

Camille : no news ..

Selasa / Tuesday, 19th August 2008:

Discussion about the Tour with: Manuel, Ardjuna, and Dolo.
' why make a tour to the poor, why not to the rich . . '
Dolo: another life of Jakarta . .

Senin / Monday, 4th August 2008:

Meeting with Christina and Rayani from VIDA

a traditional market

Minggu/Sunday, 27th July:
David dan Sarah (second day) Tour

Minggu, 20 Juli:
David, Sarah, Graeme, Ryo Tour

Rabu/Wednesday, 16 July 2008:
Tour Lois: Kota - Luar Batang

Jumat/Friday, 11 July 2008:
Sebastien Blanc, AFP

Kamis/Thursday, 10 July 2008:
Tour Anna, Nicole, Sebastien, Adek:
Kota - Luar Batang
Jalan Sudirman with Kopaja ---> Senen Station ---> Kota Station
---> just pass the Museum and cafe Batavia ==-> by Bajaj via Drawbridge ---> Watchtower Museum ---> Public wood=bridge ---->
Keluarga Pak Maskun . . . aduh, sudah pindah . . .
---> Padang resto

Senin/Monday, 7 July 2008:

Shooting MetroTV 1st day:
Galur & Interview
METROTV: Hadi, Venus Tour: Galur

Jumat/Friday, 13th June 2008:
Tour Robert (research) :
(Sanggar, Eretan, Kampung, Ate cooked rice with boiled chicken.
---> Jatinegara Station ---> met Anneke and Parlin ---> Kota Station ---> Fatahillah park
---> Fine Art Museum ---> Puppet Museum ---> Drawbridge --->
WatchTower Museum ---> Maritime Museum


---> Maskun family: Pak Maskun, Ibu Nining, Sri, Budi, Indra.

Ibu Nining (Pak Maskun's wife) and Indra (son)
when we came, they already moved to this room rental from Menara Sjahbandar,
and today
they asked our help for transport households to the next rental house

Eva Tour:
Saturday, 20080510

---> Jakarta Institute of the Art
---> kpplo

Thursday, 1st May:

With Robert ---> Atrium --> Rel KA --> Idris --> Becak --> Bakti ---> Tempe Tahu ---> Tanah Tinggi apartment ---> Miss Tjitjih: traditional Sundanese drama performance

(Research TOUR with Robert)



30 April 2008:
Baru temu lagi dengan Ardjuna & Dolorosa. Temu Yudhi. Temu Eva dan David. Rob & Pinta. Ngobrol dengan Djuna & Dolo dan temannya.
Ngobrol dengan David Parssons: - Republik Indonesia - Seni Budaya.


Selasa / Tuesday,
8th April 2008:
Pertemuan dengan Robert baru tiba.

Sabtu/Saturday, March 2008:
CODA Tour: Jeremy, Jared, Naomi, Nick, Zoe

Jakarta Art Center, Jakarta Art Institute


Jumat/Friday, 29 Pebruary 2008:
Akte Yayasan Interkultur

Monday, 20080121:
Dengan Leonard temu Paul dan Willem di Erasmus Huis
gave some brochures

Tuesday, 20080115:
Leonard, Sri, Bakti lipat-lipat brosur yang dicetak sudah jadi 1000 lembar:
"Jakarta Hidden Area Tour"
With Leonard, Bakti, and Eric to Jalan Jaksa street.

Wednesday 20080109 & Thursday 20080110 :
With Leonard, Eric, Bakti to Jalan Jaksa,
lihat bule-bule while prepared leaflet/brochure
"Jakarta Hidden Tours"

With Leonard, Bakti, Vina, Eric ---> walked around Galur, took photos: