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 Social Humanity Exploration

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A Lifetime Adventure Journey Expedition of  
the OTHER  SIDE  of  Jakarta  as a   BIG  METROPOLIS.  
We will  come the people in  urban poor  area  to visit, feel, and experience  their situation and conditions  and 
conversation with the people  and share ours 

This is  specific and private  social - humanity expedition. 
We run a non-profit Yayasan/Foundation and   your  donation  we  share for our foundation and  the people in our   
(Emergency, Education, Empowerment

we will use local  and ordinary people  transportation  it means we support  the people, and participants usually  bring more at their hand . .  the kids at the villagers will be very happy if you can bring some others:  
Pencils, Books,  Biscuits, Soap, Medicine, etc . . Thank you. 

Our First Priority nowadays: 
Emergency Mobile Clinic. 
Education Mobile Club, 
Empowerment Mobile  Entrepreneur

We do believe participants of our tours will be able to help us in our  activities 

If there any questions or suggestions, please dont hesitate

Thank you
Looking forward to meet you
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The Meeting point

 local transport: Mikrolet, we will treat you as Jakarta ordinary people




please see the

in this experience, you are not a tourist, you are participants  of  interkultur  development project entittled 
'initiative jakarta expedition '


 we concern about social humanity

with this journey you will find specific and more knowledge and real experience about

Jakarta - Indonesia

special discussion
after the journey

sleeping baby with mother at the Kampung


Kids and our activities

You can view maps, guide books, also books about us in : 

Trip Advisor
Lonely Planet
Wikitravel you will see our tour at the See  section
just google


Welcome To

 Capital of the QUEEN of the EAST

my initiative is to make a unique, lovely  and specific tour of Jakarta the city where I lived
for more than 45 years
with this tour we will invite you to drive with the local transport, and going behind the buildings and malls to meet the ordinary people
we will invite you to mingle with villagers, and after that we will discuss about our daily lives

our tour goal is what will we do after the tour,
how to h e l p the poor people,
our friends that we met who become our family

thank you
looking forward to meet you
best regards


I think "slum tourism" is a tempting term, but it gives the wrong idea. Ronny is doing something profound. He creates an environment where people meet as equals. And we just naturally want to do what we can to help each other. It's from the heart. [z2z, London UK]

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    Certificate of Excellence
    2015 WINNER

  • at the meeting point

    introduction and snack or lunch


    Our meeting point also we can arrange at the center of the city

    Plaza Indonesia

    Obama school at the Center of Jakarta

      participants from the Cruise

    Special arrangement
    meeting point at the Harbour for the Cruise participants
    9am - 3pm

    Then we will go to the

    explanation and discussion about the tour, Jakarta and Republic Indonesia

    at the square
    information & description