Exploring Hidden Areas in Jakarta 
Social Humanity Tour in
Greater Jakarta, Indonesia


A Once in a Lifetime Expedition to
the OTHER SIDE of Jakarta as a BIG METROPOLIS.  
We will come to the people in KAMPONG URBAN VILLAGE
urban poor area
to visit, feel, and experience their situation and conditions, as well as have a conversation with the people and share our knowledge and experience.

This is a specific and private social-humanity KAMPONG VILLAGE expedition.
We are a special, non-commercial, and extraordinary tour that runs a non-profit activity and with your fee-donation, we share it for the people in our
3E  activities
(Emergency, Education, Empowerment)

We will use local transportation because it means we support the people and participants usually bring more at their hand.
The kids at the village will be very happy if you can bring some others: Pencils, Books, Biscuits, Soap, Medicine, etc.

We do believe participants in our tours will be able to help us with our activities.
If there are any questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thank you
Looking forward to meet you
Best regards,

(from north to south point of view)

Take picture together with the people


The Meeting Point

We will treat you as Jakarta ordinary people
by using local transport such as

 - Mikrolet -

- Bajaj -


- Becak -

In this experience, you are not a tourist, you are participants of interkultur development project entitled
' initiative jakarta expedition '

 We concern about social humanity

With this journey you will find specific and more knowledge and real experience about
Jakarta & Indonesia

Special Discussion
after the journey usually with participants we have special discussion about Indonesia, Jakarta, Population, Economy, Democracy, Islam, Religion,
Poverty, Environment, and Indonesia issues

You will see the real life of ordinary indonesian

Smile from the people at the Kampung

Kids playing together

You can take photo together, and sometimes they will ask you to take picture together

Kids and our activities

You can view maps, guide books and also books about us in: 

Trip Advisor, Lonely Planet and
Wikitravel you will see our tour at the See section

just google
jakarta hidden tour

I think "slum tourism" is a tempting term, but it gives the wrong idea. Ronny is doing something profound. He creates an environment where people meet as equals. And we just naturally want to do what we can to help each other. It's from the heart. [z2z, London UK]

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We can arrange your personal, private and family specific 
Greater Jakarta Expedition, Exploration, 
start from Airport meetingpoint - Transport, transfer Hotel/Accommodation -  5 Five Tour - Culinary - Etc - Hotel - Transportation - Souvenirs - and Farewell smallbeautygathering up to Int'l Airport again.