TOURS donation:   USD 50  per person or in any currencies

Any surpluses are used for projects of Interkultur Foundation, we make 3 basic help the people: we brought if they sick to the doctor, we run an informal studyclub  for the kids, and microfinance scheme for parents. Please ask your guide if you want to know more about and other ways of getting involved with the people you meet.

All Tours: Minimum 2 participants maximum 15 participants. More than 15 participants will be separate with another group. Big GROUP  should be in special arrangement
Donations include public transport, guide and administration. Language spoken is broken but intelligible English and fluent Indonesian.  Tour start times are 8 AM  (morning tour) and 1 PM (afternoon tour).  Tour takes 3 to 4  hours. We will meet you at the meeting-point that easy to find. Any taxi travel you require will be at extra cost. You should allow time for delays getting to and from your residence and the tour location owing to Jakarta’s traffic. Itineraries may change without notice because of local conditions. Conditions are likely to be hot and humid and pavements uneven. You may find conditions in the communities are less pleasant and comfortable than what is usual for you.

Photography & Videography in respectfully

it is our policy to donate our staff and consultants fairly and not exploit them. We donate our guides, the commmunity organisations and people you visit in recognition of their situation and their local expertise without which the tours would not be possible. Administration include staff time taking bookings and arranging tours as well as advertising expenditure.





Parlin Tampubolon


Anneke Rompas, like Ronny, has lived in Jakarta most of her life. She knows its streets and its hidden secrets, and can give you a woman's perspective on life in the area you visit.



Largus Tamur,


Ronny Poluan, initiator of Interkultur and this tour, has lived in Jakarta for 45 years and Bali 7 years, will interpret your chats with residents. He can also tailor tours to suit your interests.

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